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                MakeGood Co.,Ltd
                about us

                Touch Remote 2 Way Switch

                1.High quality crystal tempered glass panel

                2.The same light can be controlled by two switches in two different places Do not need to turn on/off the light in one place, very convenient

                3.Note: The two switches should be installed in the same room or floor.Try to avoid installing them in the corners or between walls

                4.Control Distance: less than 10m

                5.Every intermediate touch switches consist of two switches

                ?? (Switch A & Switch B )

                6.Switch B only support double wire.(L and N wire)

                Product parameters

                AC Specifications:
                Dimension: 86*86*34MM
                Operatiing voltage: 110V-240V/50-60HZ
                Frequency: 433 MHz
                Remote range: 10M
                Output Power: 50mW

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